Monthly Meetings

Highlights from the January 10 Meeting

Greetings to all

Now that I have had a day to recover, I want to thank all who came out to our first meeting of 2018.  It was wonderful to see all of the camaraderie and exchange of ideas.  I had a ton of suggestions and ideas passed on to me that will need to be reviewed with the executive.   One suggestion for which approval is not needed is that I send out a summary of the evening as a review to all that came and background to those that could not make it.  I will also send out a separate email outlining the requirements for the monthly challenge as requested.

Keep Snapping


Highlights from the January 10, 2018 ODCC meeting

 Introduction of Executive

  • Aris Pakalns – President
  • Kimberly Wynn – Treasurer
  • Peter Gallagher – Social Media
  • Vicki Sherwood – Venue, Insurance
  • June Gunn – Events
  • John Wynn – Past President

Goals / Structure of ODCC

– ODCC is now based on a calendar year (January – December)
– Membership is maintained at $30/yr, $50/Family or $5 each meeting
– Excerpt from the ODCC Mission Statement:

“ … creating an environment in which photographers can learn from each other.”

– We have a wide range of abilities in club from novice to professional
– The clubs goal is to make every one of us a better photographer by the end of the year.
– Education -New topic every month covering photographers, techniques, software, etc.
– Encourage mentoring of new photographers by experienced ODCC members
– Monthly Challenge
– Based on education provided
– Max 3 images
– 3 questions – how did you take the image? Camera settings?
– What drew you or what was your thought process?
– What would you like to see improved

Meetings consist of 3 parts

Part 1      – Monthly Challenge critique
– Comments about image by maker based on above 3 questions
– If maker not comfortable speaking, moderator will present
– ODCC Member comments   – Impact
– Technical
– Composition
– What’s  good
– What can be improved

Part 2        – Break 

– Encourage discussion about meetings, suggestions, etc.

Part 3        –  Education and new monthly challenge.


– Tough to organize, poor attendance
– We need photo destination ideas


– Very expensive


– We need new ODCC volunteers
– Photo News – Free subscription to Canadian photo magazine
– CanAm Photo Expo – 3-day event taking place in Niagara Falls
– Glennie – John Wynn will provide more information
– Naturalist Club – We will post information about their outings for our members and hopefully some of their members will join us.
– Video of member images – John will continue to produce for a maximum of 6 months and will train a replacement.

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