We meet from 7pm-9pm (Regan House) on the second Wednesday of the month from September to October.

We meet from 7:30pm-9:30pm (Rotary Place) on the second Wednesday of the month in November and from January to June. (Room NOT available until 7:15pm)

Our December meeting always takes place at a local eatery for food, fun and festivities. Details will be posted and RSVP will be required.


2016-17 Meeting Schedule


September 14th

Location: Regan House (Scout Valley) – Line 15 N.

Main Theme: Welcome back, meet-and-greet.

Competitions for this Season: John Wynn

Presentation: Around the Horn – Travelogue (George Page – DVD) (47)

Video: 4 Essential Strategies to a Successful Travel Photo (14)

Video Slideshow Themes: Watercraft (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


October 12th

Location: Regan House (Scout Valley) – Line 15 N.

Presentation: Introduction to Lightroom – Ron Fawn

Video: Stuff That Annoy’s Wildlife Photographer’s (4)

Video Slideshow Themes: Night Shots (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


November 9th

Location: Rotary Place – 100 University Ave.

Presentation: For the Love of the Landscape! – Ethan Meleg

Video: The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes in Landscape Photography (5)

Video Slideshow Themes: Waterfalls (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


December 14th

Event: Dinner @ Theo’s Eatery

This month we will enjoy our annual Christmas dinner.

6 – 8 PM

Great people/various prizes/ 50/50 Draw for local Charity and more!

Video Slideshow Themes: Reflections (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


January 11th

Location: Rotary Place -100 University Ave.

Presentation: Advanced Composition – John Wynn

Video: Create Better Compositions – The Most Important Rule in Photography (4)

Video Slideshow Themes: Churches (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


February 8th

Location: Rotary Place – 100 University Ave.

Presentation: Travelling in Newfoundland – June Gunn

Adventuring Primer: Good Photography Locations Around Orillia – Peter Gallagher

Video: Three Simple Questions to Improve Your Photography (6)

Video Slideshow Themes: Backlit (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


March 8th

Location: Rotary Place – 100 University Ave.

Presentation: Photographing Wild Orchids: Documentation Photography – Vicki Sherwood

Video: Photography Mistakes! Stop Screwing up Your Shots (5)

Video Slideshow Themes: Patterns (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


April 12th

Location: Rotary Place – 100 University Ave.

Presentation: Competitions Report & Review 2016-17

Video: Photography Tutorial: White Balance Made Easy (5)

Video Slideshow Themes: Macro/Close-up (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


May 10th

Location: Rotary Place – 100 University Ave.

Presentation: Introduction to HDR – Mike Bailey

Video: The Desert: A Cautionary Tale (3)

Video Slideshow Themes: Smiles (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)


June 14th

Location: Rotary Place – 100 University Ave.

Event: Annual General Meeting and Competition Review II.  (NO POTLUCK)

Video Slideshow Themes: Droplets/Bubbles (3) + Photographer’s Choice (3)