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Last Update: September 4, 2017

Each club member is eligible to enter our competitions. Our competitions are designed to give members unbiased feed-back on the photo’s they submit and provide some friendly competition. We have two levels of competition: Experienced and Beginner (definitions see below).

On our competition review night we award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in both our Beginner and Experienced categories.


You are familiar with the concepts of depth-of-field, composition, rule-of-thirds, f-stops etc. You will most likely use a DSLR (not required).


You joined to club to learn more about photographic technique, you may have a DSLR but you shoot in ‘Auto’ mode. The terms mentioned in the experienced definition are new to you or a mystery to you.

Number of Entries

Each club member can submit up to 3 photos in each of the competition categories.



Digital Submission – ONLY

Please email the images to: TBA.

Don’t Forget – Your Name, Photo Name and Category for Submission

Revised Due date = TBA.

Make sure I am aware that it is not the monthly club challenge or Photographer’s Choice.


**Please resize images as per usual club guidelines for competition**

4″x6″ = 1200 x 1800 pixels at 250-300 dpi (2.1 million pixels)

Confused? – See here:


Categories 2016-17

For the past few years our categories have remained pretty much the same except for the themed category. This year we are introducing some more specific categories. Keep reading for more information.

Botany (Wild or Tame)

Botany includes images that portray plant life such as trees, flowering and non-flowering plants, ferns, algae, fungi, etc. in their natural habitat. It also includes images of domestic plants, artificially produced hybrid plants, flower arrangements, cultivated plants.

Competition Results Botany 2016-17 – when available

Zoology (Wild or Tame)

Zoology deals with animals and animal life.  It includes birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and marine and freshwater life. Any animal subject is allowed.

Competition Results Zoology 2016-17 – when available


Scapes include landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, cityscapes, meteorological phenomena, and pastoral scenes. These photographs are intended to be vistas, panoramas, and broad/wide views.

Competition Results Scapes 2016-17 – when available


Manipulate your own photographs using post-processing software to create surreal images — abstract, impressionistic and experimental effects using montages, collages, composites, or any other techniques. There is no limit to what you can do.

Competition Results Manipulated 2016-17 – when available


Utilize macro lenses or camera settings to get up close and personal to your subjects. Experiment with your depth of focus (DOF – F-Stop) and have some fun!

Competition Results Macro/Close-up 2016-17 – when available

Theme: “Unusual Perspectives”

It could be mind trick, or unique view or other compelling shot that you got on purpose or by accident. Not manipulated, but shot at interesting angles to achieve a “new look” at a scene. Google: unusual perspectives photography for more ideas

Competition Results Unusual Perspectives 2016-17 – when available





Glennie Cancelled 01/26/17

Details available here in “Club Mailing”

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon (37th) – 2017

Sample of the caliber of the top images in this international competition: (2016 Winners) –

Our Club will pay the entry fee! – Coordinator will rename files and upload to MVCC.

Key Dates:

  • Email of Intention – TBA
  • Entries Open – TBA
  • Entries Close – TBA
  • Competition Date – TBA
  • Results Posted by TBA


Maximum images per club (10) / per member (2)

**Interested parties should contact the competition coordinator John Wynn at:

 Glennie Email A.S.A.P. and specify if you are interested in 1 or 2 submissions.**

Deadline is the xxth of January for your message of intention.

Special Note: If more than 10 slots are requested, I will get a couple of judges to select the photos to advance to the competition. To accommodate this we have pushed the closing date to February XX, 2017.

List of Competitors 2017:


Good Luck – Send your best works!

Don’t forget to resize and compress according to the MVCC guidelines.